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the ultimate Japanese aquarium

Having produced NARA KINGYO MUSEUM (Japan’s largest goldfish aquarium), UNDER WATER SPACE (a space travel-themed aquarium in Yokohama), and the Aerial Aquarium SORAKIN (in the Gold Tower, Kagawa Prefecture), enthralling some 500,000 people altogether, UWS AQUARIUM has opened a new aquarium in AQUA CITY ODAIBA—the ultimate aquarium GA☆KYO, created on the theme of expressing miyabi—the traditional Japanese sense of beauty—through the medium of an aquarium.
Produced by earth creator GA☆KYO, this is the ultimate entertainment aquarium, remixing Japanese cultural traditions and legends such as the Dragon Palace Castle, kaleidoscopes, and courtesan processions.
Presenting five magical spaces where, through all five senses, you can experience a dynamic, yet delicate Japanese “beauty” created by man together with the beating heart of living underwater “beauty” born of nature.


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3rd Floor, AQUA CITY ODAIBA, 1-7-1 Daiba,
Minato City, Tokyo, Japan


(junior high school age or above)
Elementary school student ¥600
Persons with disabilities1※1
(Persons issued with a disability certificate)
Free admission for children under elementary school age※2
  • Please present your disability certificate to receive the disability discount. Admission is free of charge for one caregiver for each person with a disability paying the admission fee.
  • 2An admission fee (\600/child) applies to children under elementary school age in the following situations.
    (1) Admission to the aquarium for events organized by schools (kindergartens, nursery schools, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools, special-needs schools, universities, etc.) and led by teachers/staff in accordance with Article 1 of the School Education Act.
    (2) Admission to the aquarium for events organized by kodomo-kai (children’s associations) or kids’ clubs.

Opening hour

Weekdays: 11:00 – 20:00
Weekends / public holidays: 11:00 – 21:00
*Last entry is 30 minutes before closing time.

Any changes to opening hours or days on which the aquarium is closed will be posted on the aquarium’s official website. Please be sure to check the website before visiting the aquarium.


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